Cheney Spoke of Need to Establish US Presence in Mid-East

Mike Malloy of Air America Radio said a few nights ago that in the ’90s Cheney used to speak of the need to establish a U.S. presence in the Middle-East. I had never heard this before, but it came as no surprise.

Mr. Malloy had Greg Pallast on a few days later – investigative reporter for the British Guardian Newspaper – who has discovered and disclosed a document of the oil companies’ written before the war which states that the goal of the occupation in Iraq would be to control oil production in accordance with what the Saudis wish. He said, essentially it called for “shutting off the spigot”… order to raise prices. Now things make much more sense. Things are not going badly in Iraq. Things are going just as the oil giants had planned.

I have recently been increasing my capacity for riding a bike from two blocks (hilly area) to 3 miles. I would gladly have reduced the use of my car by 50% if our Gov’t would not have illegally invaded Iraq and put our troops in this horrendous harms way. But you must, by now, understand…this administration did not illegally invade Iraq so that you and I could drive our cars as we have in the past. They invaded Iraq so that the oil companies and the industrial war complex could make ASTRONOMICAL profits…the likes of which the world has never seen! But the human costs of their mega profits are also ASTRONOMICAL…and should not be accepted.

To reap these profits they have not only put our troops in danger of bombs and snipers along the roads. They have placed them in a radiation hazard that was intense even before the “shock and awe” mission began. Of 700,000 troops that went to Iraq in the first Gulf War, over 500,000 are now on disability from what is called Gulf War Syndrome – which is a long list of painful, deadly illnesses and birth defects in offspring – but they are all caused by the exposure to the radiation poisoning from the illegal use of uranium weapons in a secret fifteen-year-long nuclear war.

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper correspondent Bob Nichols is the recipient of the Project Censored Award and has been researching and writing about these illegal radiological weapons for years. He states “The Pentagon knows it is a nuclear war. They want to hide it by insisting the Nuclear Wars all have a big boom from thermonuclear weapons.” But according to all International Conventions, these weapons are “nuclear weapons” – weapons of mass destruction – without the mushroom cloud.

In a recent email interview Mr. Nichols had this to say when asked if the troops are aware of the severe health problems awaiting them, “The Troops are told exactly, precisely NOTHING – Period! That is the way it has always been. The Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Lab Memo of 1991 ordered all personnel to lie about depleted uranium weapons to maintain the “political viability” of uranium weapons. That is the long and short of it. The Troops do not count as much as a truck. They are truly “throw away soldiers”" in the eyes of the Brass.

It’s not only our troops that have been exposed to this “planet killer”, but so have the millions of Iraqi civilians over the past 15 years. There has been reported enormous increases in cancers and birth defects in Iraqis, as well as our troops.

What has been established in Iraq, Mr. Cheney?

Remember the figures? 700,000 of our troops sent…over 500,000 now on disability from radiation exposure after being in Iraq only a FEW MONTHS in 1991! If our troops from GW l are experiencing this kind of degradation of health, ask yourself how many people of Iraq have had children with horrible birth defects or have found out that they have cancer. Now, ask yourself how these people feel about the US occupying their country; destroying it and the citizens’ health – forever – with illegal uranium weapons. This radiation contamination has a half-life of 4.5 BILLION YEARS. The insurgency is not wanting for people who are willing to drive a car bomb to kill our troops. There are thousands upon thousands of them, and the numbers increase day by day, thanks to the inhumane, illegal use of uranium weapons by the US and UK Military. Do you see the living and ever-lasting hell that has been created in Iraq? Can you understand what we are sending our troops into?

Our government’s criminal use of illegal uranium weapons is one of the most evil things ever committed on this planet, and if you think the people of the world are not aware of it…please think again. This is a huge issue in the international press.

The American people would not stand for this if they knew the facts. But we are lied to by our corporate sponsored Government, and kept in the dark by our corporate media. They use words like “low level radiation…depleted uranium…minimal and manageable risks”. BULLSHIT! That’s complete, bloody-murder BULLSHIT! The experts tell us that the so-called “depleted uranium” retains approximately 60% of its lethal radiation but when it is used as a weapon it becomes extremely poisonous.

This is a most urgent matter! We MUST put an end to the use of these abominable, illegal, radioactive weapons.

Leuren Moret, famed scientist/whistleblower studying the fall out of illegal uranium weapons states “The use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States, defying all international treaties, will slowly annihilate all species on earth including the human species, and yet this country continues to do so with full knowledge of its destructive potential”

She also reported “….the American Free Press dropped a “dirty bomb” on the Pentagon by reporting that eight out of 20 men who served in one unit in the 2003 U.S. military offensive in Iraq now have malignancies. That means that 40 percent of the soldiers in that unit have developed malignancies in just 16 months.” And still the government denies that these illnesses are the result of uranium weaponry.

This is a concern to every living being on this planet, as the radiation released in these battles is carried by the wind all around the globe right into our back yards. Please take a few more minutes and become informed – and inform others – about this most volatile issue. Read what the experts tell us…..but the corporate media keeps from us. Every human being on Earth should be screaming at the top of their lungs to stop the use of these hideous weapons since it looks as though a 60 % majority of the American people that are against the occupation of Iraq, are unable to end it through our so-called democratic government.

I would like to thank Mr. Bob Nichols for his help and contributions to this article.

[A portion of this text is from "Spoils of War Today - Gulf War Syndrome"]

“Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets. A death sentence here and abroad” – Leuren Moret×4

“The Queen’s Death Star” – Leuren Moret

“Uranium Bombing in Iraq Contaminates Europe” – Bob Nichols

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Daniel Ellsberg: Vietnam, Iraq and the Voters’ Pledge

The goal of this coalition is to build a base of antiwar voters that cannot be ignored by anyone running for office in the United States. We want millions of voters to sign the pledge and say no to pro-war candidates.

Daniel Ellsberg: Vietnam, Iraq and the Voters' PledgeDaniel Ellsberg: Vietnam, Iraq and the Voters’ Pledge

According to recent opinion polls, most Iraqis don’t believe that we’re making things better or safer in their country. What does that say about the legitimacy of prolonged occupation, much less permanent American bases in Iraq? What does it mean for continued American armored patrols such as the one last November in Haditha, which, we now learn, led to the deaths of a Marine and 24 unarmed civilians?

Questions very much like these nagged at my conscience at the height of the Vietnam War, and led, eventually, to the publication of the first of the Pentagon Papers in June of 1971, 35 years ago.

As a former Marine Commander and defense analyst in 1970, I had exclusive access to highly classified defense documents for research purposes. They came to be known as the Pentagon Papers and constituted a 47-volume, top-secret Defense Department history of American involvement in Vietnam titled, “U.S. Decision-making in Vietnam, 1945-68.” The Pentagon Papers made it very clear that I, like the rest of the American public, had been misled about the origins and purposes of the war I had participated in — just as are the 85% of the troops in Iraq today who still believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 and that he was allied with Al Qaeda.

That period had several similarities to this one. Congress was debating the withdrawal of U.S. armed forces from Indochina while President Nixon was making secret plans to expand, rather than exit from, the ongoing war in Southeast Asia — including a major air offensive against North Vietnam, possibly using nuclear weapons. Today, the Bush administration’s threats to wage war against Iran are explicit, with officials reiterating regularly that the nuclear “option” is “on the table.” Americans saw the color photographs of the My Lai massacre; now we are seeing photographs eerily similar to those from Haditha: women, children, old men and babies, all shot at short range.

What was it that prompted me to begin copying 7,000 pages of highly classified documents — an act that I fully expected would send me to prison for life? I came to the conclusion that the system I had been part of, giving my unquestioning loyalty to for 15 years, as a Marine, a Pentagon official and a State Department officer in Vietnam, was a system that lies reflexively, at every level, from sergeant to commander in chief, about murder. And I had the evidence to prove it.

The papers showed very clearly how we had become engaged in a reckless war of choice in someone else’s country — a country that had not attacked us — for our own domestic and external purposes. It became clear to me that the justifications that had been given for our involvement were false. And if the war itself was unjust, then all the victims of our firepower were being killed without justification.

That’s murder.

Today, there must be, at the very least, hundreds of civilian and military officials in the Pentagon, CIA, State Department, National Security Agency and White House who have in their safes and computers comparable documentation of intense internal debates — so far carefully concealed from Congress and the public — about prospective or actual war crimes, reckless policies and domestic crimes: the Pentagon Papers of Iraq, Iran or the ongoing war on U.S. liberties. Some of those officials, I hope, will choose to accept the personal risks of revealing the truth — earlier than I did — before more lives are lost or a new war is launched.

Haditha holds a mirror up not just to American troops in the field, but to our whole society. Not just to the liars in government but to those who believe them too easily. And to all of us in the public, in the administration, in Congress and the media who dissent so far ineffectively or who stand by as murder is being done and do nothing to stop it or expose it.

Americans must summon the civil courage to face what is being done in their name and to refuse to be accomplices. The Voters’ Pledge is one way to do this. The Voters’ Pledge is a project comprising many of the major organizations in the antiwar movement—United for Peace and Justice, Peace Action, Gold Star Families for Peace, Code Pink, and Democracy Rising—as well as groups with broader agendas like the National Organization for Women, Progressive Democrats of America,, and magazines including the American Conservative and The Nation. The goal of this coalition is to build a base of antiwar voters that cannot be ignored by anyone running for office in the United States. We want millions of voters to sign the pledge and say no to pro-war candidates.

You can help right now by visiting www.VotersForPeace.US and immediately signing the Voters’ Pledge.
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Copyright 2006 VotersForPeace.US & Dan Ellsberg

A Soldier’s View: Forgotton Sacrifice

This commentary on America today was written by U.S. Air Force Captain F. John Duresky, currently stationed in Iraq. It was published in The Washington Post on July 5, 2006.

A few days ago, as I do every day in Iraq([search]), I listened to the commander’s battle update. The briefer calmly and professionally described the day’s events. Somewhere in Iraq, on some forgotten, dusty road, an insurgent fighting an occupying army detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) under a Humvee, killing an American soldier. The briefer fielded a question from the general and moved to the next item in the update.

The day before that, in America, a 15-year-old’s incredibly rich parents planned the biggest sweet 16 party ever. They will spend more than $200,000 on an opulent event marking a single year in an otherwise unremarkable life. The soon-to-be-16 girl doesn’t know where Iraq is and doesn’t care. That same day an American soldier died in Iraq.

Two days earlier, a 35-year-old man went shopping for home entertainment equipment. He had the toughest time selecting the correct plasma screen; he could afford the biggest and best of everything. In the end, he had it installed by a specialty store. He spent about $50,000 on the whole system. He has never met anybody serving in the military nor served himself, but thinks we should “turn the whole place into a parking lot.” That day, another American soldier died in Iraq.

Three days earlier, some college students had a great kegger. There were tons of babes at the party, the music was awesome. Everybody got totally blitzed, and many missed class the next day. The young men all registered for the draft when they were 18, but even though our nation is at war, they aren’t the least bit worried about the draft. It is politically impossible to conscript young people today, we are told. That day, another American “volunteer” died in Iraq.

Four days earlier, a harried housewife looked all over town for the perfect accessory for her daughter’s upcoming recital. Her numerous chores wore her out, but she still found herself preoccupied. Her oldest son is having trouble in his first year of college, and he has been talking of enlisting in the Army. She is terrified that her child will go off to that horrible war she sees on TV. She and her husband decide to give their son more money so he doesn’t have to work part-time; maybe that will help with his studies. That day, another soldier died.

Yesterday millions of Americans celebrated Independence Day. They attended parties and barbecues. Families came together from all across the country to celebrate the big day. Millions of dollars were spent on fireworks. At public events, there were speeches honoring the people who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. These words mostly fell on bored ears. While the country celebrated its own greatness, other Americans were still fighting in Iraq.

Today Americans go back to their normal business. The politicians in Washington have made sure the sacrifices of the war are borne by the very smallest percentage of Americans. They won’t even change the tax rates to prevent deficits from running out of control. Future generations will pay the cost of this war.

Many Americans feel strongly about the war one way or another, but they aren’t signing up their children for service or taking the protest to the streets. What can they do? It is they whom we in the military trust to influence our leaders in Washington.

Today, as on every other day in Iraq, American servicemen are in very real danger. Our country is at war. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children are worrying about their loved ones in a faraway land. They all hope he or she isn’t the one whose luck runs out today.