Indy Media Comes to Omaha!

Omaha, Nebraska: A group of local activists has formed an Independent Media Collective, which will provide an Internet based, open publishing forum. The site, which is located at allows members of the community to instantly post articles and comments to the site.

The Omaha IMC is based on the Indymedia movement – a global collection of loosely affiliated, locally controlled and non-centralized media outlets. The first Indymedia group was founded in to provide information about protests against the World Trade Organization meeting that was held in Seattle. Since its inception on November, 1999, it has grown to over 100 sites reaching every continent and a number of languages.

The Indymedia philosophy is simple: to put control of media in the hands of people instead of corporations in a manner described by the founders as “radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.”

Unlike most media organizations which provide content in a top down manor, Indymedia collectives are heavily dependant on community involvement via open publishing. The public is encouraged to contribute material. Articles posted to the site will not be altered by the editorial staff, but may be hidden if they contain racist, sexist, hateful or inciteful language. The mission statement posted on the site describes in detail the circumstances under which submissions may be hidden.

To post material to the site, simply follow the directions provided. For further information, or to become a volunteer for OmahaIMC email us at: webmaster(at)