Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs ( is a meme, that is a contagious information pattern that replicates by infecting human minds and altering their behavior, causing them to propagate the pattern. In other words, it’s an idea that caught on and people have been doing it for 25 years because it strikes them as a good thing to do.

FNB started in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1980 as an outgrowth of the anti-nuclear efforts that were in the forefront of activists’ minds at the time. The movement now is international with hundreds of autonomous groups who provide free vegetarian food for the homeless and hungry.

Members of Food Not Bombs, who sometimes call themselves freegans, forage for free food, employing a technique known as dumpster-diving; and they ask retailers to let them recycle produce the stores would otherwise throw out (thereby eliminating the dumpster-diving requirement.) They cook the food and serve it outdoors in public parks.

During the last nine years, Omaha area activists have provided free meals at the west end of Gene Leahy Mall on Sundays at 2:00 PM. Although they have had to deal with the whims of city bureaucracy, which on occasion have impeded them from doing their errand of mercy, they have held steadfastly to their mission to feed people in need for nearly a decade. Food Not Bombs also provides free meals at some demonstrations. The meals are provided in reusable vessels, that is bowls, cups and utensils that get washed and re-used the following week. Wow!

You can help them by showing up at Gene Leahy Mall on any Sunday about 2:00 PM. Ask for Mario. Food Not Bombs can always use dishwashers and donations of food, stockpots, dishware, and of course the old stand-by of grandmothers everywhere—envelopes filled with money.

Action is the word!